Stefanie Alder grew up in a lovely, small village in the idyllic east part of Switzerland.

Driven from her immense curiosity and exhausting creativity, she felt that there is more out there than just cows (which she loves) and mountains and decided to move to Berlin to study Acting. After 3,5 years of MaMeMiMoMu and nerve-wrecking diva moments from fellow students, she is finally prepared to get cast in your project.

Stefanie Alder is fluent in German, English (American and British), French and of course Swiss German. Due to the fact that her original dialect is probably the unsexiest in the whole country, she learned how to speak almost every other dialect that exists in Switzerland: Zurich dialect, St.Gallen dialect (origin), Basel dialect, Bündner dialect and Bern dialect. Well, there are some more but, not bad…

You can book Stefanie from Zurich or from Berlin. For requests or more informations, just contact her agent Mara Winzer from Stefanie’s agency Actors & Talents.